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The Who, What and Why of Men's Fashion

Welcome to a universe of bespoke, fine tailoring with an eye for the future and a feel for the present. Raisson D’Être in French translates into “A reason to be” which is exactly what Principal Designer and Founder Govinda Mehta found when through a series of happy accidents, he stumbled into the world of “tastemaking” men’s fashion and graciously both the brand and the heart behind it has only ever looked upwards from there.

Raisson D’Être is a one-stop, bespoke menswear fashion destination for tailored, customised, and bespoke menswear. And it is for both the discerning as well as the flamboyant. We personalise and customise everything to mirror your inherent personality. From a pair of shorts and T-shirts to Indian wear, western wear, and even your footwear to match and accentuate your look for the occasion. Hitting the hottest lounges, partying at a cabana on holiday, getting married, or attending a special occasion; we’ll have you covered in suave styling and incomparable masculinity!

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Our Studio

Home to Happiness

When you enter the studio at Raisson D’Être you experience an amalgamation of the plush and comforting all at once. From the lighting to the way the sample garments are racked and from the essence that you smell of the burning incense sticks to the hardwood flooring, everything reminds you of what the man of today should look and feel like. And all of this is not by chance. In fact, it is, by design.

This is the nerve centre from where one creation after another is conceptualised, executed, and produced bearing our hallmark seal of fine tailoring and bespoke customisation. We welcome you to take a tour of the Studio to understand what we mean when we call it our home to happiness.

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